Hands-On Getting Started With Docker

Deck A

9:15 am - 11:30 am



You know Docker has something to do with running containers, and that’s a good thing (you think, or at least you hear some people say). You might not even be sure what a container is exactly in the context of Docker—the logo is whale with shipping containers on top of it, not exactly a happy sight if we saw it in nature.

Where do you start if you want to understand what this technology is and how you can use it now? Well, if you know your way around a Linux command line to some simple measure, and you want to have a practical insight into what this technology is and how to use it, this talk is for you. We will explain the fundamentals of a Dockerfile; the fundamentals of a docker-compose file; and we will explore several approaches to managing and utilizing the containers produced by these packaging approaches.

We might even have some fun as we learn a few new things!

Preparation Instructions

To use your machine in the Docker Hands-On workshop, you will need to install the docker environment and docker-compose application.  Both are free and available from docker.com.
The instructor uses Ubuntu16/18 environments and generally installs the following…

Core docker environment

Value added docker-compose application

An IDE or Text file editor (e.g., Netbeans 8 is an easy to install free IDE choice)

If you are running Ubuntu16 or Ubuntu18, you can probably install them during the workshop.  If are limited to Windows or Mac, then you may need to start the process beforehand.
You will find Windows and Mac install details at https://docs.docker.com/install/