Ali Spittel

Ali Spittel
  • General Assembly
  • Company: General Assembly

Ali Spittel teaches people how to code at General Assembly. Previously, she was a software engineer working on data science web apps. She loves Python, JavaScript, and talking about code. She is most interested in the intersection of code, art, and social justice.

When Ali’s not working, you can find her watching New England sports, competing on CodeWars, taking runs around Capitol Hill, rock climbing, or participating in DC coding community events.

Ali’s current personal project is a blog called “On Learning New Things” where she learns one new coding skill a week, builds an app with it, and then writes an article on it.

Ali graduated from Hamilton College with a BA in government in 2016 after completing research on how to teach computer science in 7th through 12th grade classrooms and on the differences in representation in Congress across party and gender lines.