Bobby Calderwood

Bobby Calderwood
  • Evident Systems LLC
  • Company: Evident Systems LLC

Bobby Calderwood is the founder of Evident Systems LLC, which helps financial firms modernize their core business systems.

Before founding Evident Systems, Bobby was a member of the Technology Fellows team at Capital One, where he designed and developed solutions to difficult problems, influenced the technical direction of Capital One while helping development teams implement that technical direction, and engaged the broader technical community via speaking and open-source contribution. Before joining Capital One, Bobby was Director of Product Engineering at B23 LLC, a startup working on enabling big data solutions in cloud environments. Before B23, Bobby worked on the Product Team at Cognitect building, testing, and helping customers win with Datomic.

Bobby’s been writing web applications and distributed systems with Clojure and ClojureScript since 2010. Previously, Bobby worked in Java, Scheme, and Ruby on Rails plus the full web stack starting in 2005. Bobby first got interested in computers and open source when he converted his desktop computer into a Linux server running Bugzilla in support of the software development team for which he was interning; once he finally got rpm install to work, he never looked back.